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Dan Palmer - Curriculum Vitae


  • MEng Computer Science with Mobile and Secure Systems at the University of Southampton (2010-2014, July graduation)
    • Programming Principles: 92%
    • Secure Systems: 82%
    • Winner of 3rd year Netcraft prize
  • A-Levels: Maths A, Physics A, Computing A*, Economics (AS) A


From an early age, I have longed to work with cutting edge technology and during secondary school this focus shifted to software. I like how there will always be something new to learn about that will benefit my work, or generate new ideas, and if there isn't I can just make it myself. As I continue to try new languages, frameworks, technologies, development principles and methodologies, I find that my university degree is giving me a great grounding in theory to benefit the practical experience I gain in every project I undertake.


Over the past 3 years I have made an effort to attend many events around the industry to build contacts, learn new skills, and gain critical feedback on ideas.

Events I have been to include Riot Hack Nights, Barcamp Southampton, Barcamp Brighton 6, Rewired State: Parliament 2012, DevXS Student Conference and Hack Weekend, Random Hack of Kindness (June and December), Southackton, London Real-Time, the Southampton Appathon, NSConference and National Hack the Govt. Day 2013 and 2014.

MWR InfoSecurity - Security Research and Development Intern, Summer 2013

I worked in MWR's consulting group, where I was given the task of taking a new security product from the prototype stage, to a fully featured working system. At the end of my internship I helped another developer to get up to speed on the project so that development could continue.

During my time at MWR I also participated in a penetration test against a client's iOS application, finding vulnerabilities and verifying the client's fixes in a code review, and I assisted on an incident response job where I analysed a piece of malware to determine how it worked. I also learnt about some of the current threats to businesses, particularly Advanced Persistent Threats, and different forms of attack that have been identified.

GoSquared - Software Developer, Summer 2012

GoSquared is a real-time web analytics service. This summer I spent 4 months working on re-engineering the backend services that handle incoming analytics, making use of Node.js, Redis, Cassandra and more. I investigated the use of Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and competing products, and helped to set up the continuous integration and deployment system used in the company.

Realmac Software - Software Developer Intern, Summer 2011

Over the summer I worked for 10 weeks at Realmac Software, a well known Mac OS development company. Here I worked on improving their existing app Courier, contributed to code that will be used in future apps, and helped put the finishing touches on Analog. I learnt a lot about the structure of larger applications, dealing with web services and APIs, and about making very high quality, user-experience focused apps.



  • Worked on Objective-C projects in a professional role and on personal projects.
  • Developed for the web with Python (Django), Javascript (Node.js) and C# for Microsoft's MVC Web Framework.
  • Experience with Java on University projects.
  • Knowledge of, and interest in, computer security issues.
  • Basic knowledge, and interest in penetration testing and malware analysis.
  • Experience with good software design practices.
  • Experience using version control.


  • Experience with project management tools, bug tracking and testing feedback.
  • Experience with code reviews.
  • Great written and spoken communication.
  • Good time management.
  • Always learning.

Dan Palmer

10 Westridge Road
SO17 2HQ
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 7929 141941
References available upon request.