Reddit Workflow for Alfred 2

The Alfred 2.0 beta was released earlier tonight and as an avid user, I wanted to start writing workflows immediately.

Workflows are able to take input from the user in many different ways: actions on files, keyworks, shortcuts, etc, and then return data as notifications, search results and actions such as opening a browser.

After seeing David Ferguson’s brilliant Google Auto-Complete workflow I realised the power of workflows and set about making one that helped me use one of my favourite websites, Reddit.

Luckily reading data from Reddit is as simple as adding .json or .xml to the end of a url, so here’s what I’ve managed so far.

Reddit for Alfred

Typing r/ will list the top ‘hot’ items on Reddit, and r/subreddit will give you the top items from a specific subreddit.

Update: The workflow has now been fixed to work with the release version of Alfred 2. Links should work again now.

Download it now, and if you have any questions or suggestions, mention me on Twitter and I’ll try to help.