Thread - Software Engineer, June 2014 - Present

As part of a product-focused engineering team at Thread, much of my role involves projects designed to address key business metrics such as margin, conversion or revenue growth, although a core part of my job is to help create a great engineering culture in which to work.

I’m frequently involved in the rapid development of new product features designed to address user feedback, and work closely with designers, stylists, copy-writers, and marketers to achieve this. I also work on pure engineering projects, such as our build processes, automation, and continuous delivery to help the team work faster and more effectively. I take part in code review on a regular basis, pair programming where appropriate, and participate in hiring for new engineers.

MWR InfoSecurity - Security Research and Development Intern, Summer 2013

At MWR I was given the task of taking a new security product from idea to a fully featured prototype. At the end of my internship I onboarded another developer to the codebase so that development could continue. Eventually the project was spun-off into a new company – Countercept.

During my time at MWR I also participated in a penetration test against a client’s iOS application, finding vulnerabilities and verifying the client’s fixes in a code review, and I assisted on an incident response job where I analysed a piece of malware to reverse engineer the cryptography being used by it. I also learnt about some of the current threats to businesses, particularly Advanced Persistent Threats, and different forms of attack that have been identified.

GoSquared - Software Developer, Summer 2012

At GoSquared I spent 4 months working on re-engineering the backend services that handle incoming web analytics data, making use of Node.js, Redis, Cassandra and more. I investigated the use of Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and competing products, and helped to set up the continuous integration and deployment systems used in the company.

Realmac Software - Software Developer Intern, Summer 2011

At Realmac Software I worked on improving an existing app, Courier, contributed to in-house frameworks that were shared between several applications, and helped put the finishing touches on Analog (since sold to Appuous) prior to its release at the end of my internship. Through code review and mentoring, I learnt a lot about the structure of larger applications, dealing with web services and APIs, and about making very high quality, user-experience focused apps.



I make an effort to attend industry events, as I find them a great way of learning new skills, finding alternate points of view, and getting critical feedback on ideas. Events I’ve been to include Many to Many, Hackunamatata, National Hack the Government (multiple years), NSConference, Southampton Appathon, Random Hack of Kindness (multiple times), Rewired State: Parliament, Barcamp Brighton and Barcamp Southampton. I have won multiple hackathons (with some help from friends!).

I have also presented at PyConUK and the London Django Meetup Group.