I go through phases of running regularly. This page tracks my running habits over time in an attempt to motivate me.

Runs are tracked with Nike Run Club app, where I use the Guided Runs feature to stay motivated.

88 Runs
528 KM
40,912 kcal
1 day streak

Consecutive days run allowing for 1 rest day.

Outdoors Run6.044715:41 1691st Nov 2020
Friday Run8.576436:09 16228th Aug 2020
8K Run8.005855:59 15724th Aug 2020
Hot Run5.924555:55 17220th Aug 2020
Friday Evening Run10.008036:07 14th Aug 2020
Saturday Evening Run6.445186:13 8th Aug 2020
Tuesday Evening Run6.134895:33 4th Aug 2020
Sunday Afternoon Run6.455145:24 12th Jul 2020
Bring It Down3.762935:19 1557th Jul 2020
4k Run4.013735:44 1445th Jul 2020
Another 10k10.017375:29 1653rd Jul 2020
6k Run6.014435:16 16530th Jun 2020
a Rainy Run6.154615:40 15828th Jun 2020
Friday Evening Run6.445145:36 26th Jun 2020
6k Run6.805125:46 15824th Jun 2020
Easy Run4.593605:27 15422nd Jun 2020
Go Long with Evan8.016155:59 15520th Jun 2020
Friday Evening Run6.054845:47 19th Jun 2020
Thursday Evening Run6.425125:33 18th Jun 2020
Todays 5k Run4.323305:53 15516th Jun 2020
Twenty Minute Run3.732875:22 16215th Jun 2020
10k Head Starts10.017375:36 16714th Jun 2020
5k Run5.013785:26 15613th Jun 2020
Fuel the Run with Shalane6.004315:30 16912th Jun 2020
Wednesday Evening Run2.912315:09 10th Jun 2020
Trail Run with Sally5.584275:22 1609th Jun 2020
Saturday Evening Run7.015595:31 6th Jun 2020
Friday Evening Run6.004805:45 5th Jun 2020
Thursday Morning Run5.494395:50 4th Jun 2020
Tough Day Easy Run3.812785:15 1632nd Jun 2020
Tough Day Easy Run3.812785:15 1632nd Jun 2020
Todays 5k Run5.003735:56 1621st Jun 2020
Run with Dapaah3.852885:29 15930th May 2020
Just Another Run6.304675:33 16429th May 2020
6k Run6.004455:55 16924th May 2020
One Hour Run10.317995:49 17417th May 2020
Run with Sanya7.105285:38 17010th May 2020
Another 5k5.013826:04 1712nd May 2020
Hot Run5.784546:04 16824th Apr 2020
Run with Eliud9.577105:40 17519th Apr 2020
Outdoors Run5.013495:18 18016th Apr 2020
Another Thank You Run7.685895:51 16314th Apr 2020
Run with Paula7.595986:08 16710th Apr 2020
Two Mile Run3.782885:49 1707th Apr 2020
End of the Day Run with Headspace4.633535:59 1656th Apr 2020
Go Long with Evan10.399136:09 1804th Apr 2020
Just a Run3.892845:45 16630th Mar 2020
I Need a Win5.324175:39 17825th Mar 2020
One Hour Run10.298725:50 17622nd Mar 2020
Go Twenty3.923075:06 17820th Mar 2020
Run with Shalane8.236775:28 18016th Mar 2020
Cold Run8.116475:33 1717th Mar 2020
First Long Run5.144185:40 1733rd Mar 2020
5k Head Starts3.382575:39 17126th Feb 2020
Easy Run6.005236:06 17723rd Feb 2020
30 Minute Head Starts5.114025:52 17323rd Sep 2019
Easy Run5.023576:00 16117th Sep 2019
Monday Evening Run4.063336:03 16322nd Jul 2019
Shakeout Run4.273436:07 20th Jun 2019
BeTrue3.422756:11 19th Jun 2019
Just Go with Mo5.424115:32 1742nd Apr 2019
Run Long with Joanie7.865595:24 17017th Mar 2019
Run With Joanie11.028555:56 16511th Mar 2019
I Need a Win5.424115:32 1709th Mar 2019
A Run With Sandy7.235305:40 16428th Feb 2019
Thank You Run8.135925:35 16621st Feb 2019
Thank You Run6.614885:56 15918th Feb 2019
Run with Eliud10.768905:37 17616th Feb 2019
Cold Run8.045775:48 15913th Feb 2019
Running In the Dark8.216005:51 16511th Feb 2019
Fuel The Run with Shalane6.224755:33 1676th Feb 2019
Run with Eliud10.398015:47 1652nd Feb 2019
End of the Day Run with Headspace5.024045:30 17630th Jan 2019
Dont Want to Run5.034055:43 17428th Jan 2019
First Speed Run2.991694:31 16223rd Jan 2019
Headspace Running Towards Your Goal7.205865:42 17021st Jan 2019
Next Run4.313345:13 17719th Jan 2019
Fuel the Run with Shalane5.914885:35 17316th Jan 2019
Don't Wanna Run Run4.393635:42 17014th Jan 2019
New Morning Run With Headspace5.424545:32 18012th Jan 2019
First Long Run5.995155:51 1739th Jan 2019
Just a Run4.803916:15 1697th Jan 2019
Next Run4.052975:34 1833rd Jan 2019
Outdoors Run2.011595:41 17114th Oct 2018
Outdoors Run2.011615:15 18613th Oct 2018
Wednesday Evening Run5.033926:21 16610th Oct 2018
Outdoors Run2.551986:06 1707th Oct 2018
On The Move1.931175:44 1576th Oct 2018